Brave Keeper Saves Five Penalties In One Game

In professional sport, amateur sport, large & little games, across the land, around the world, sporting heroes emerge every weekend.  This weekend. Next weekend.

This video clip reveals an unexpected hero and also reminds us to have fun in sport. Enjoy your sport. Many players forget to enjoy their sport amidst the intensity of many sports battles. So here’s a little video that may rekindle enjoyment in sport.

Note that enjoyment (having fun and smiling) is a key pillar of sportsmanship, alongside Honour, Honesty, Humility, Friendship, Fair Play, Respect. We mis-spell Hefer as an aide memoire: HHHEFFR.

Poster showing the The 7 Pillars of Sportsmanship include Enjoyment.
The 7 Pillars of Sportsmanship include Enjoyment.

Enjoyment is at the centre of the pillars of sportsmanship. That’s why we participate in sport. How great it is to see players acknowledge that they enjoy their sport by smiling, at least occassionally!  Pele always played with a smile on his face. So too Nicola Adams (Britain’s first boxer to win two Olympic gold medals in consecutive Olympics) always smiles. In fact, she has a magical smile.  See her smile in the Royal Mail postage stamp below.

GB Gold Medalist Boxer Nicola Adams postage stamp shows her smile
Nicola Adams Smiling Stamp

The smile is a great thing.  Use it. Your smile is an international language that opens doors, warms places up and warms people up.

Meanwhile, enjoy this extraordinary little video clip. Many thanks to Peter D (Lord Ogmore) for alerting us to this wonderful video clip.

Watch the Smiling Poem & how smiling can improve your performance.


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