Thailand’s New Snooker Star, Sunny Akani, Thanks Ronnie O’Sullivan

A Smiling Star Is Born

Last week saw the emergence of a new kid on the block, who took on the world’s best and gave a masterclass in the exquisite skills of snooker combined with the wonderful warmth of great sportsmanship. When the young Sunny Akani (22) dazzled the now 6 times UK Champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan, we saw a new star in the making. Regarded as one of the greatest snooker players of all time, 42 year old,  Ronnie O’Sullivan was given a master-class by the young Thai snooker star. Previously unheard of (to many) Sunny dazzled the audience with a stunning display of world-class snooker shots.  Commentators said it was breath-taking stuff.  And when he had some bad luck or played the rare poor shot, he smiled. 


Ronnie ‘the Rocket’ O’Sullivan

At 42 years old, the Rocket has been winning for quarter of a century and is considered by many to be the most naturally talented player in the history of the sport and has been described by many in the sport as a genius (with 5 world titles and now 6 UK Championships, 31 titles in total – second only to Stephen Hendry).  This quarter final proved to be an intense battle – which Ronnie said ‘Sunny should have won.’  A Star & a Friend-For-Life Was Born.



Watch some of the stunning shots or go straight to 11 minutes 27 seconds to see this amazing interview.


A Smiling Star

Thailand’s 22 year old Sunny Akani, dazzled the 5 times world champ, Ronnie O’Sullivan and when things went wrong for the young Thai – he smiled, repeatedly. O’Sullivan applauded Sunny afterwards and told Sunny that British audiences love players who play ‘with a smile on their face’.


Dual Press Interview

Such was the mutual respect and warmth of friendship between the two, that they did a dual interview. Sunny said Ronnie was his hero. He then thanked Ronnie for the game. Ronnie wore a beaming smile and looked at Sunny with warmth and great admiration and told the TV audience that  British audiences love Sunny already, because (not only is he brilliant) but he ‘plays with a smile on his face’. Audiences love that, said Ronnie.


Snooker Table


“Thank You For The Game”

When the young Thai thanked Ronnie for the game, Ronnie immediately thanked him for the game also.  Both competitors wore beaming smiles throughout this interview. They then bowed to each other with the prayer-like ‘Wai’ hand gesture & spoke Thai briefly to each other. Absolutely beautiful – watch this video to the end because, last week, a star was born. remember the name, Sunny Akani.


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