Sochi 2014 Sportsmanship Moments

Some wonderful sportsmanship moments from Sochi 2014.


© Photos courtesy of  Sochi2014 Press Office


Here’s some beautiful moments:


Old Enemies, Russia & Germany, Become Lifelong Friends

When the Germans team’s ski grinding machine broke, the Russian team stepped in and gave the Germans the Russian machine and worked through the night so the German team would be ready for the competition.

Slovenian & Swiss Celebrate Together

It has never happened before.  Two gold medalists in an alpine skiing event.  Arch rivals on the World Cup tour, Slovenia’s Tina Maze and Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin, shared the joy and celebrated exuberantly together on the podium.

Canadian Helps Crashed Russian

After a violent crash, Russian cross-country skier Anton Gafarov lay there stunned with a broken ski and his Olympic dream in tatters. When suddenly a Canadian coach sprinted across the snow and gave him another ski.



© Photos courtesy of  Sochi2014 Press Office


Swiss Winner Waits To Embrace 43 Year Old Peruvian

In this brutal sport winners collapse on the snow, take 5 minutes to recover and then exit, except for the Swiss Gold Medal cross country skier,  Switzerland’s Dario Cologna, who waited some 28 minutes for the last competitor to cross the line ,  43-year-old   Roberto Carcelen, Peru’s first Winter Olympian (and only learned to ski at the age of 34.

Fellow Americans Clash, Crash  & Embrace

Two American snowboard cross racers clattered into each other at the finishing line. Only one was going through to the finals. Both ladies picked themselves up off the snow and hugged each other.

Canadian Bows Out To Fallen Competitor

Canada’s Denny Morrisson fell at the Olympic 1000m trials. His competitor, fellow Canadian , Gilmore Junio gave his place to Morrison who went on to win silver.  


American Bows Out To Twin Sister

American biathlete Tracy Barnes also gave up her place to her twin sister, Laney. Tracey later said: “If I can be the one to give her that opportunity, than that is an honour and a sacrifice that I am willing to make.”


© Photos courtesy of  Sochi2014 Press Office

Sports men and sports women rise above the political differences and embrace the sheer excitement and unique bond that sport creates amongst even the most fiercest rivalries. issues. The brotherhood of sport prevailed in Sochi 2014.



© Photos courtesy of  Sochi2014 Press Office


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    • Yes Daniel, the sports people are often great friends. They also have great respect for each other. Sometimes the bureaucrats (the administrative organisations’ staff) create barriers. It is great to see the sports people just getting on with it and competing at the highest level, yet with great sportsmanship. ~ Paul.

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