English Test Cricket Stadium Celebrates Arch Enemy’s Brilliance

Firstly, what Test Cricket Stadium Is this (this makes a good picture quiz question)?

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And why is it one of the finest examples of sportsmanship?

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The stadium is Old Trafford Test Cricket Ground (located beside Manchester United’s Old Trafford football stadium).

The reason it is, arguably, the finest example of sportsmanship is because, despite the intense rivalry between England and Australia when they compete for The Ashes test series, there is, on the landing by the stairs in the 1864 Suite, a wonderful example of sportsmanship.

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The full blown photograph on the landing shows a young Aussy bowler shocking an experienced English test cricketer – with what was called, the ‘ball of the century’. Shayne Warne’s first ball in Ashes Cricket & it destroyed England’s Mike Gatting. It was an extraordinary extreme spin bowl.

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And this magnificent Australian moment is honoured with this photograph in this famous test cricket stadium in the heart of English cricket.

Truly great sportsmanship – of that there is no doubt. Here’s Dave from Old Trafford Cricket Ground describing the young Aussy Shane Warne’s outrageous ‘Ball Of The Century’. Note Dave’s apparent pride, or joy, describing that moment. A crushing moment for England’s Mike Gatting and England fans like himself but a magical moment for real cricket lovers as they all knew that this ball, bowled by the young Aussy was something very very special….’The Ball Of The Century’.

Years later, in 2005, when Warne got his 600th wicket, the club presented him with a special trophy to mark the occasion. Now that’s sportsmanship at its finest. That’s cricket!

A Question For You

How many other stadia show photos of great moments that went against the home team? Please do tell me, by adding a comment below.

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