World Cup 2014 Best Sportsmanship Moments (Part 2/2)


Win Or Lose Brazilian Fans Celebrate Football  

Although they suffered their greatest ever humiliation with a 7-1 thrashing from Germany, the Brazilian fans were great. They displayed great dignity in defeat, even good humour and fun. Continuing the amazing sportsmanship moments from Part 1 (including an outer space sportsmanship moment on video), the Brazilians continued to shine.

In one of the many large fan tents, where they show the games on big screens, and with the half time shock score Brazil 0 – Germany 5, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle  reported that ‘The DJ started playing an upbeat pop song that I was sure would fall on deaf ears, but instead almost everyone in the crowd started dancing.’

As Samuel Becket once said,  “When you‘re in the shxx up to your neck, there’s nothing left to do but sing.” Well in the Brazilians case, there’s nothing left to do but dance!


Meanwhile inside the stadium, in the second half some Brazilian fans started shouting ‘Olay’ as the Germans pinged perfect passes around the park.


Dignity In Defeat – Just Like The Portuguese in 1966

It reminded me of a magical moment in 1966 World Cup described by Bobby Charlton’s mother, the late Cissy Charlton on a BBC radio interview when she described the reaction  from the Portuguese fans sitting near her in Wembley in the Quarter Finals  when her son Bobby scored his second goal in England’s 2-1 win, Cissy said that all the Portuguese gentlemen around her stood up, turned towards her and started clapping. It was even better on the pitch: “It was a marvellous site to see the Portugal players shaking his (Bobby’s) hand. You don’t see that these days.”

Well I’m happy to report to Cissy Charlton, may she rest in peace, that yes, you do see and hear it these days. Sportsmanship is coming back. And the Brazilian fans are leading the charge.


Dignity In Defeat

Another Brazilian fan demonstrated dignity in defeat with this wonderful gesture to a victorious German fan. This Brazilian fan had been spotted on TV in previous matches carrying and kissing his own World Cup trophy. This photo captures the moment when he presented his golden trophy to a German fan. “Take it to the final. As you can see it’s not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations” said the noble fan.

Brazilian fan with trophy

Football Won

Brazilian player/commentator Junhino ex Middlesbourgh said after the game that ‘football won’ because of the excellence of the German performance.


50 Years Later Still Thinking About A Match

People remember these games for a long long time. One of Germany’s greatest players (& managers), Franz Beckenbaur, recently said regarding the 1966 World Cup final which Germany lost to England (which included a controversial English goal): “I think England was the better team and they deserved to win.” Fair Play to you, Franz Beckenbaur – honourable stuff.

World Cup Wembley Fair Play


Brazilian Fans – are great – in more ways than one

Recife Sports Club - Immortal fans


Brazil’s Sports Club Recife is the world’s first football club to have an organ donor membership. The fans passion continues long after they die, their eyes, lungs and heart continue to breathe the air, see the club and feel the excitement. 51,000 fans signed as organ donors. See the full stunning story ‘Immortal Fans Sport Club Recife Donate Organs’ .



One of Brazil’s Most Famous Clubs, Sports Club Corinthians Paulista, Fell In Love With An Amateur English Club

World Club Champions and producers of Brazilian greats including Rivalino, Socrates, Edu and Arsenal’s Silinho, fell in love with an amazing amateur English football club so much so, that they even named their club after this tiny English amateur club. When London’s Corinthians FC toured Brazil in 1910, the Brazilians loved the idea that, not only were they a great footballing side, but that this club also refused to take penalties as they didn’t believe the opposition would purposely foul them. I’m writing another post soon about this amazing amateur club that thrashed Man United 11-3, refused penalties, Socratez once played for, were introduced to 60,000 Brazilian fans as the ‘fathers of the World Club Champions’ and today give sweets to the opposition junior teams.

Yes Brazilian fans are amazing. They still give the world joy even when their team is down.

And so this wonderful World Cup is coming to an end. Packed with shock results, great games, nervous games, stunning goals, tears of joy and sorrow, one thing is sure…. a lot of people have made a lot of new friends. As they say:


Once the game is over


The brotherhood of football is alive and well. As the astronauts said before the World Cup started, ‘we wish all teams luck’.

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9 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 Best Sportsmanship Moments (Part 2/2)

  1. This result will haunt us Brazilians for as long as we live. Thiago Silva and Neymar were missed but fair play to Germany, after smashing us in the field they were very respectful and humble towards us. I actually think they were holding back during the match and could have easily scored another couple of goals.
    No defeat would have stopped us from having a good time!
    Saúde (Cheers!)

    • Nice one Giordano. The result will ‘haunt you’ – yes it will be remembered. But so too will the honour, good nature & dignity of the great Brazilian fans.
      I will be writing about Club Corinthians this year (more great fans who created a club built on honour).

      I recall the Spanish team stopping scoring goals when they thrashed the Italians out of respect for the great Italian footballing tradition. Does anyone remember which match this might have been (we covered it on facebook)?

    • That’s the spirit Giordano. See lots more football stories – scroll down the right hand side to see stories categorised by country & sport.

  2. Nice article. That guy handing the trophy to a German fan is a very traditional Brazilian fan. He had been in all world cups since 2002 (im not sure) holding his trophy and supporting Brazil. I remember talking to my friends in Brazil and saying: “We can’t loose the World Cup at home again 54 years later. There will be a lot riots, everyone will go crazy and destroy everything”. So it was a nice surprise to see the Brazilian fans being nice to German fans even it was the worse day in our football history.

    Brazilian fans were great on the World Cup, but those are not the fans we usually see inside Brazilian stadiums supporting the local clubs on our national league. Most of the Brazilian clubs have huge firms with really fanatic fans. Football for them is religion. They consider their rivals war enemies and if they found each other in or outside the stadium they will fight with everything they can use, including fire guns. Sometimes two firms from the same team fight against each other because they want to be the best firm from that club. It’s all about reputation and they use violence to get it. Besides being crazy about their football teams, these firms have now the support of the clubs boards, who give them money, plane tickets and tickets for the games. Unfortunately these kind of fans are keeping away peaceful fans and people who just want to enjoy a football match. People are afraid to go to the stadiums with their families. Some derbies in Brazil had to be played with just the home-side supporters in the stadium to try to avoid violence, a measure that was traditionally used in Argentina because of the violence of the “classicos” over there. We hope to change this culture in the future and I think the World Cup showed us that rivals can watch a match next to each other without fighting.

    The match was Spain vs Italy in the UEFA EURO 2012. Spain won 4-0 and showed a lot of respect for the Italian squad. Some people say that Spanish players told the referee to not add any extra time because the game was over.

  3. I know a story … so there is a footballer called Paulo di Canio, he is through on goal and the goalie has sprained his ankle so di Canio kicks the ball out so the goalie can get medical attention.

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