Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments From Rio 2016

Here are our Top 10 Great Sportsmanship moments from Rio 2016. It really was difficult to choose the Top 10 and , in particular, the number 1 moment of sportsmanship from the many sportsmanship moments we posted on social media (facebook and instagram) each day. So here’s the list in reverse order.

photo of the Olympic Flag
The Olympic Flag

10. Haitian Hurdler Never Gives Up [Hurdles]

Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti knocked over the first hurdle in his race and fell to the floor. Despite the immense disappointment he pulled himself up on his feet and finished the race. He demonstrating great courage and a real ‘never give up’ attitude.  This is similar to Derek Redmond story from Barcelona.

9. Fiji’s First Olympic Medal Is Gold – Fiji Celebrates [Rugby] 

Fiji Win Their 1st Olympic Medals Ever. So Never Stop Trying. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Keep Trying For 60 Years & Then Win Gold – Fijian Olympic Heroes For the first time ever in the history of the Olympics and celebrated their first Olympic medal, and it was gold. They have played wonderfully exciting rugby for many many years with little reward until now.

8. French Victors Congratulated By Irish Rowers & Interviews Go Viral [Rowing]

“Fair Play To You. You Deserve it.” said the two ecstatic, silver medallist, Irish brothers  to the two victorious, gold medal, French rowers. Gary and Paul O’Donovan from Skibareen, Ireland were all smiles as they congratulated the two victorious French rowers (in the middle of their TV interview) with a famous Irish expression; ‘Fair Play To You’ – which means ‘you deserve it – the best team won’.  This video is about joy and pleasure of sport – the thrill of giving it your best. Despite being pipped at the post, they became Ireland’s first ever Olympian rowing medalists, and were able to enjoy every moment of it. So much so, their interviews went viral.


7.  American’s Dignity In Defeat [Swimming 100m Butterfly]

USA Phelps Smiles Despite Defeat – Singapore’s Joseph Schooling made history today as he beat his hero in the swimming pool. Some years earlier, In 2008, Phelps obliged Joseph when he asked for a selfie with his hero. In 2016 the kid came back and ‘stole’ the champs medal (by beating him in the race). Phelps took it like a real champion and his smile beamed the radiance of a truly great race – where each has given everything and the adrenaline is still pumping and both swimmers know they just competed and gave everything they had.


6. Polish Discus Thrower Sells Silver Medal To Raise Money For Child Cancer Patient [Discus]

Polish athlete Piotr Malachowski won a silver in the discus event, he then auctioned off his silver medal to pay for a young boys treatment, who was dying of cancer.  An amazing gesture!


5. British Bubble Burst But Belgian Friendship Prevails [Heptathlon]

Jessica Ennis-Hill showed us all exactly how to lose gracefully. She’s humble in defeat even though she lost her title. She was a humble Olympic champion (& favourite), had a baby, came back and trained hard for 4 years. Although she was determined to win gold again, her bubble was burst when she was beaten by the wonderful and much younger Belgium athlete. Despite this, Ennis-Hill is still a real champion as she congratulated and, with a real warm smile, embraced her victor, the new Olympic Champion,   Nafissatou Thiam.

Photo of Jessica Ennis-Hill throwing the javlin
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Photo of Belgium's Nafissatou Thiam throwing the javlin
Nafissatou Thiam

4. Ups and Downs Can’t Stop British Somalian  [Middle Distance] 

Mo Farah stumbled and fell during his 10,000 metre race but instead of feeling sorry for himself or giving up, he got straight back up, recomposed himself and won the race! He showed us that with the enough desire, heart, commitment, courage and ‘will to win’ you can reach your goals. Never give up!


3.  Old Gets Gold as 58 Year Old Brit Wins After Broken Back & Retiring 16 Years Earlier [Show Jumping]

Great Britain’s Show Jumping hero, Nick Skelton is the oldest British gold medalist for 100 years. He has competed in 7 Olympics but never won gold. Broke his back, retied 16 years ago, had his hip replaced. Came back. Never gave up since. Eventually won gold. Jump racing champion & legend, Ireland’s AP McCoy, tweeted: “Delighted for Nick Skelton, the most brilliantly talented rider that deserves a gold medal more than anyone.”

picture of Horse jumping fence at RIO 2016
Show jumping at Rio 2016

2. North and South Koreans Embrace – When Enemies Become Friends [Gymnastics] 

North Korea’s Gymnast Hong Un-Jong shares a selfie with South Korea’s Lee Eun-Ju. The two countries have had very serious trust issues for years and have boiled over into threats, missiles and much more animosity for years. That’s why this picture stands for so much. Sport can, and does, bring people together.

1. Kiwi Stops To Help American [Middle Distance Athletics]

New Zealand runner stops to help fallen American in amazing show of sportsmanship. American Abbey D’agostino and Kiwi Nikki Hamblin tripped up each other in the 5,000m prelims. D’agostino injured her ankle. Hamblin helped her up and the American finished the race. They embraced at the end even as the American was taken away in a wheelchair. Rio 2016    These moments captured the imagination around the world here’s Sri Lankin Tamil TV showing video footage of it.


So there you have some wonderful moments of sportsmanship. There were many many more which you can see on our Facebook and Instagram pages facebook and instagram. Please tell us which is your favourite story by adding a comment at the end. Please also share this post with as many people as possible so that everybody knows that Olympic flame is alive and well.

Photo of olympic flame
Olympic flame

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