Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments 2014 (part 1 of 2)

Another year of sport packed with great sportsmanship moments. From 280 inspirational stories posted on facebook, we’ve selected the Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments with BBC Radio London. You can hear all 10 best sportsmanship stories on the radio interview (in part 2) or you can read the Top 10 here (this, part 1, covers number 10 to number 6).

 10. Tennis Novak Djokovic

June 2014 Wimbledon, the Serbian, Novak Djokovic, at a critical point during his second-round match at Wimbledon Djokovic  gave his opponent a point when…….
At a crucial moment, with the scores level in the 11th game in the 4th set, the linesman incorrectly calls 35 year old Czech, Radek Stepanek’s shot ‘out’. Stepanek appeals. Camera replay shows the ball was in. Normally, they replay the point but instead, Djokovic insisted on giving Stepanek the point as Djokovic knew it was in. An honourable moment from a truly great champion who eventually went on to win.

Both players embraced at the end and former champion, now commentator, John McEnroe  said “There are times when it is truly a pleasure to be here”.Tennis Racket one ball

9. Ice Hockey

At number 9, we have an ice hockey match in North America. The Maple Leaf club from Canada versus America’s Nashville Predators. The Canadians and Americans have no love lost, particularly when it comes to ice hockey. Anyways, the tradition is to sing the respective national anthems of the clubs before the game. However, when the USA Singer’s microphone broke down & the lead lady singer couldn’t sing, the Canadian crowd stepped in and sang the American National Anthem.

It reminded me of being in Cardiff – the Welsh sing the new Irish National Anthem louder than the Irish.


8. A Strange Mixture of Football & Golf & Boxing…..

000Ian Wright Tony HealyNumber 8 occurred when Ian Wright, former Arsenal & England footballer was caught, on camera, repeatedly punching an Irish professional golfer, Tony Healy, in the face, in a hotel in Heathrow.  It was a charity fight, back in March, – they trained intensely for 8 weeks & then had a full on, black tie, boxing evening to raise a lot of money for DEBRA – a charity supporting people with a painful skin blistering condition  GREATSPORTSMANSHIP.ORG ‘Wrighty’ is quite a character as he has since come and played for my – Tony plays for my Sunday Vets football team, Kenchels. Ian Wright & Tony Healy are close friends but they fought a gruelling 3 rounds for honour and for a very worthy cause. You can see the whole Wright v Healy fight here.


 Best of friends became enemies for 3 rounds & instantly resumed friendship at the final bell.

7. No Sleep, Puking, Hospitalised On Drip But Still Wins Silver Medal

Scots woman Lynsey Sharp was advised not to race in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games’  gruelling 800m Women’s Final after being ill all night & hospitalised. But she did. And she won silver.

Just hours earlier, in fact at 2.30am she couldn’t bend over to take them off her own socks. Next she was on her hands and knees, puking, with a nurse holding her hair back,  and four police officers backing away as she vomited everywhere. By 5.30am she was in hospitalised and on a drip. A few hours later she ran 800m and won silver. So if you are thinking of not going for a run because it’s raining or you feel tired, think of the inspirational Lynsey Sharp. Great courage & determination.


6. Weightlifting – Dancing David Katoatau

At number 6 we have a history making moment,  when Kiribati’s David Katoatau became Kiribati’s first ever medal winner in anything. And it was the big weight lifter’s boogy dance that stole the show & won the hearts of all fans. His honest joy of competing (& winning) was magical – a heavy weight lifter doing a boogy dance with a big smile on his face. It was great to see.  You can see his celebratory boogy dance here (and if you really want to, you can hear this good natured gold medallist singing here too.

WeigthLifting Weights

Part 2 of 2  reveals the remaining Top 5 moments from 2014.  The number 1 spot may surprise many – a British moment on British soil – that perhaps many missed but TV caught and it was an absolutely fantastic moment …….

A full audio file from today’s BBC Radio London Interview containing all these stories will be posted within 24 hours.

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  1. This is a terrific listen not just for the brilliant examples conveyed in Paul’s dulcet tones but for yet more confirmation that the sportsmanship idea continues to grow

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