2011 Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments

Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments of 2011 Romanian captain, Cristian Petre, who after suffering a 67-3 loss to England,  was asked by a reporter about the game and replied “I play rugby for happiness.”  More The French rugby team won the toss to choose who wears their own home jerseys in the Rugby World Cup Final … Read more

Indian Cricket Captain Loses Test But Wins English Hearts

The drama started with the last ball before the afternoon tea break on second day of the second test match between World Champions, India, and England. Eoin Morgan (English batsman born in Ireland), hit what he thought was four runs (as he thought the ball went over the boundary – some 50 yards away)………………………………………   … Read more

Does FIFA Really Believe In Fair Play?

They have a code of Fair Play. Now they have an opportunity to apply it. Will FIFA do it? Millions of children watched cheating win last night when a French player handled the ball twice to create the winning goal and throw Ireland out of the World Cup 2010. FIFA have a rare opportunity to … Read more