Sports Pro’s Admire Sportsmanship NFL 2015 Award Winner Larry Fitgerald

Some players play with class. Some don’t. Those that do, well, they embrace sportsmanship values. Team mates and opponents admire them. There are no statistics to measure sportsmanship, but, you know it when you see it.  It’ just class. Sports professionals actually respect and admire sportsmanship. Here’s proof.

The NFL sportsmanship award is voted on by all the players in the NFL. They chose Larry Fitzgerald to be the first winner of the inaugural Art Rooney Award for Sportsmanship.

The respect other players have for him is enormous. Listen to what they say about Larry’s sportsmanship. Then listen to Larry, who is like a breath of fresh air and a true inspiration.

The respect other players have for him is enormous. Here’s what other NFL pro’s say about Larry Fitzgerald:

“He respects his opponents.”

“He always greets the opposition before the game he says  – ‘hey man how ya doing? How’s the fam?'”

“Being a football player is much bigger than just being on the football field & playing for 60 minutes.”

“Every catch he makes during practice he runs it all the way to the end zone.”

“It’s the way he was raised. It’s in his blood. He’s a competitor. He’s a fighter, BUT, he also plays the game with class.”

If you want to see some more of Larry Fitzgerald, then watch this 9 minute video

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    • He is a pretty cool guy Ryan. He is so humble and full of respect. It’s great to see isn’t it? It’s also great to be able to make a wonderful speech.

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