The Fastest Rugby Player In The World

Carlin Isles is the fastest rugby player in the world. He’s a 100m sprinter who heard about rugby, thought it was interesting, asked if he could try it and a few month later he’s playing for the USA and running in tries just for fun. An extraordinary athlete. He plays rugby in a refreshingly free style and enjoys every second of it. He plays with a smile on his face and embraces sportsmanship values by applauds the opposition when they tackle him!

Carlin Isles

He wears ear rings, has a vision, and although he’s raw (he’s only playing a few months), he is extremely talented, yet humble. It was a real pleasure meeting him and chatting with him at The Rugby Business Network.


My name is Carlin Isles and I’m with the USA rugby team.


How did you get into rugby? I was running track professional, getting ready for the Olympic trials in June and …I came across rugby. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it. Then I clicked on it. Started watching it. I rang the CEO of American Rugby (Nigel Melville*) emailed him, got in contact with him the next morning, and, four days later, I upped and left and started playing rugby.

So when was this? June 2012.

And here we are in the spring/summer 2013. You’re playing for America in the Rugby 7s. What’s that like? It’s great. It’s a blessing. Great team mates; great players and great human beings. We fit together. It’s a lot of competition and hard work but I love it.

Your background is a different sport, several different sports. Rugby is a new sport for you. What made you say that you ‘want to have a go.’ I had a dream. My vision. I wanted to inspire people. I decided to have a go at it. Take a leap of faith and it’s paying off.

Since you’ve joined the rugby brotherhood, are there any differences between it and other sports? The brotherhood of rugby is different. It’s more closer. Everyone is friendly and everyone is looking after each other.They’re all supportive of you. They help you back. No egos. No bodies in it for themselves. They’re in for each other.

Is sportsmanship important? Sportsmanship is very important. And one thing about me …I have the integrity and show sportsmanship. Even if I don’t score, I give the guy, whose been chasing me, the defender, I give him a hug and even a smile and whatever and tell him ‘good job’. It’s very important for the game and the community to show class.

Have you seen any other acts of sportsmanship? American football

I notice moments of sportsmanship especially at the games, guys talk, tell each other ‘good job’ any other sport, track, football, basketball, baseball, a lot of the teams, a lot of the teams show this…. Sportsmanship is a big deal.

Carlin, you play rugby with freedom and enjoyment, which is lacking in the game today, and that’s why The Great Sportsmanship Programme wants to show you to the rest of the world because you play with a smile on your face, you give a hand shake and boy are you a great runner, so good luck with your rugby career. We wish you all of the best.

Thank you . God bless.

God bless.

Watch Carlin In Action – just sit back & enjoy these clips

*Note 1: Nigel Melville, former English Rugby team captain, now Rugby USA CEO said. Great Moments of Sportsmanship is a book where super-humans become human, where the values of respect and consideration for fellow athletes rises above the need to win.” Nigel Melville, former English Rugby team captain, now Rugby USA CEO.

Note 2: Thanks to Colm Hannon and The Rugby Business Network for organising a great evening (including great speakers: Carlin, Zin Zan Brooke and Chris Cracknell).

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    • Carlin Isles is the fastest rugby player on the planet and yet he has so much respect for everyone Arsalan. Let’s hope he does well in the Olympics on Rio next year – Rugby 7s.

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