How Sportsmanship Can Change The World

Can a man throwing a spear stop a war? Can a woman reading a poem stop a war? Can sworn enemies become friends just for two weeks every four years? The answer is ‘Yes, Yes and Yes!’ And it’s been going on for some time ….in fact over a thousand years……..

How Sportsmanship Can Change Everything …..particularly for young people by PR Smith

Nelson Mandela said ‘Sport has the power to change the world’. His words are true. We’ve seen it ourselves. When young people hear these true two minute stories about inspirational sportsmanship moments from the Premiere League football, the 6 Nations Rugby, Hurling or Gaelic Games, or The Olympics, they just feel good about themselves, and the world we live in. They also start to share stories, discuss them, ‘like’ them and thereby, often unknowingly, learn to improve their reading and writing skills i.e. boost their literacy as well as boosting their behaviour via sportsmanship values. ‘We’ve had students reading this book that never read a book before’ a teacher told me. Then another and another….

So The Great Sportsmanship Educational Programme is up and running. Please do contact us if you know a school or educational body that wants to use this to boost literacy and behaviour through sportsmanship.  It’s time for some new resolutions!

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6 thoughts on “How Sportsmanship Can Change The World”

  1. Thank you for your beliefs about the power of sportsmanship and for taking the initiative to share your message to the sports community. I hope that you’ll visit the “Champions by Choice” web site to learn more about our initiative and why we also believe encouraging sportsmanship in high school athletics is so very important. I hope that we may be able to find time to share our views and plans. I look forward to your reply, and thanks, again! Allen Powell, Founder, The Scholastic Sportsmanship Foundation “Champions by Choice”

  2. I believe that sports can change the world,thats why we should all work harder to make the world a happier place.

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