Golf Saved US PGA Winner’s Life

Golf Saved His Life Says US PGA Winner’s Mum
Having lost his Dad, Alvyn, when he was 12, Jason Day lost his way, began drinking and sank into depression. His beloved Dad introduced Jason to golf and gave him an old 3 wood club which he found in a tip.

Golf Lone Golfer


His Mum sold their house and sent Jason to boarding school (Kooralbyn International School) where Col Swatton coached him in life and in golf. In sport, golf is unusual in that you play against yourself and no one else. No one is tackling you or kicking you. The ball isn’t even bowled at you. It’s static. Sitting there just waiting to be hit. That’s why it is such a mental game. It can be a lonely game too – as you play against yourself and practise on your own for hours, days, weeks, months.

Golf can be a lonely game - WITHOUT A CAPTION

I’ve heard it said by many golfers that Jason Day is one of the nicest guys on the golf circuit. He plays with a smile on his face and even chatted with the world’s number 1 and direct competitor, Jordan Speith throughout the final, highly competitive round.

Jason’s Phillipines Mum, Dening Day, feels that Alvyn is brimming with joy with what their son has accomplished. “He’d be doing cartwheels in heaven. He’d be very, very proud too.”Full Jason Day article

Jason Day has been playing fantastic golf at the highest level for a few years now. However he didn’t win a major. He came very close several times, but didn’t win. Doubting questions start to filter into many player’s brains when this happens. Jason Day stuck at it and at it and never gave up. That’s why he shed a tear even before he took his last putt. It must have been very very emotional for this wonderful golfer who played brilliant golf for three consecutive days.

Heartiest congrats to Jason Day, his wife and daughter, his Mum, Col Swatton and his Dad (RIP). You see nice guys do come first!



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