Austrian Helps German Competitor During Cross Country World Cup Ski Race

When Austria’s Lisa Theresa Hauser broke Germany’s Vanessa Hinz’s ski pole (by accidentally stepping on it during the intense race), Hauser handed her surprised German opponent her ski-pole. Watch this video.

Cross-country ski poles are very light, and therefore very fragile, particularly, if they are hit from the side. At major events like the World Cup, coaches carry spare poles around the course. They often give a competitor a spare pole, but an athlete doing so,  particularly in the middle of a race, i.e. in the ‘‘heat of the battle’, is most unusual.  It is also honourable and admirable.

Incidentally, just breaking a pole often destroys an athlete’s chance of winning.  In this particular race the athletes first ski, then shoot either standing or lying, and then ski again. If they miss, they have to ski a round that takes 20-25 seconds. This particular race is called a mass start, normal distance event in the IBU World Cup (International Biathlon Union). You can see this magical moment of sportsmanship again on German TV at 11:20

Thanks to Kjetil Kjernsmo from Norway for alerting (& sending me articles and videos).

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    • Yes I agree. However, in the heat of a World Cup battle maybe you gotta stay totally focused at that moment & save saying ‘thanks’ for after the event. I’m guessing that saying any words of thanks or making any thumbs up gestures could cause an athlete to lose her rhythm even more – maybe losing just 1/10th of a second – but that can make a difference. Regardless, as you so well know, ‘it’s the giving not the receiving’ that creates the real long term pleasure, pride, self esteem etc.

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