Young American Athlete Alerts Officials to Scoring Error and Misses The Cut

Meet Davis Robey, a 17 year old student, who throws the shot put for  Mason High School and dreams of one day qualifying for the Regionals. The shot put is one of the Ancient Olympic Games early events dating back to 684 BC when the goals of the Olympic Games were as much about developing athletes’s minds and bodies.  These principles remain today. Honour, honesty and friendship are key principles amongst true athletes today.

Graphic of the Ancient Olympic Athletes
The Ancient Olympics 684 BC principles remain alive and well today

On May 16th Davis Robey competed in the Division 1 Finals hoping to get within the top 4 and qualify for the Regionals.  An official scorer announced Robey in fourth place with a throw of 137 feet.  Robey knew he had only thrown 132 feet and that it was a mistake.  So Davis Robey stepped up and alerted the judges to the error. In doing so he forfeited his opportunity of competing in the Regionals, as he now finished 7th.

Robey is a true athlete who has ‘the milk of human kindness’ and buckets of integrity. He spoke quietly afterwards:  “It’s unfair for someone who did throw farther than me to not move on, because they worked just as hard as I did. ”

Watch The Interview

Watch the video interview of this inspirational young man.



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