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1908 London Marathon


1912 Captain Captain Lawrence Oates


1914 German & British Play Football

More videos on this great moment of sportsmanship – when sport prevailed & war stopped.

100 years later British and german soldiers play football

Prince William pays tribute to 1914 Christmas Truce



1936 Blond German Helps Black American During Hitler’s Olympics

Jesse Owens 4 gold medals ( 1 minute)

Lutz Long (2 mins)


1948 A Sad Celebration, A Standing Ovation & Three Cheers

Donald Bradman gets 3 cheers from English cricket team but  bowled out for a duck  (1 min)


1952 Last Minute Czech Triple Gold Reveals Two Finger Technique

Zatopek wins 5,000m gold medal (2 mins)


1956 A Russian Op­ponent’s Mother Kisses Iranian Wrestler

Takhti : The Stolen Iranian Hero (4 mins)


1958 Irishman Saves Lives (and Honour) In Munich Air Crash

Manchester United Players Die in Munich Air Crash (1958) (3 mins)

Manchester United crash scene at Munich.


1960 Rudolph Comes Home To An Integrated Party

Wilma Rudolph Beats Polio To Become Olympic Champion – Rome 1960 Olympics (1 min)

Wilma Rudolph’s Incredible Career | Olympic Records (3 min)


1960 America’s Arnold Palmer Helps World To Solve Its Problems

Arnold Palmer relives the 1960 U.S. Open at Cherry Hills


1964 Italian Flying Red Head Repairs Canadian & British Sleighs (2 mins)



1968 Tanzanians Never Give Up – Akhwari The Marathon Man (3 min)


1968 Portugal’s Eusebio – Total Gentleman, European Cup Final 1968 (14 seconds)


1968 Welshman Appeals On Behalf Of West Indies Opposi­tion (2 mins)


1969 America’s Jack Nicklaus Gives A Brit A ‘Gimme’ Ryder Cup (2 mins) (15 mins documentary)


1970 England’s Sir Bobby Moore Surrenders World Cup (2 mins)


1973 Englishman, Mike Hailwood, Rescues Italian From F1 Inferno


1973 Northern Ireland’s Peace Maker – Derek Dougan


1975 A Small Guy Makes The Big Time


1976 Fujimoto Shattered Knee Doesn’t Affect The Team


1981 German Pallbearer Lays His Old USA Adversary To Rest

Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling – 1st Round Knockout



1988 Canadian Sailor Gives Up Olympic Dream To Save Others


1988 Eddie The Eagle Soars In Calgariy’s Winter Olympics (2 mins)



1992 Derek Redmond’s Dad, Barcelona Olympic Games 

Be prepared to cast a tear, during this highly moving video (2.5 mins)


And then you simply have to watch Derek Redmond, many years later, telling me about his Dad’s famous Sausage Story Story (below). I was delighted to meet Derek. He was such a decent guy – brimming with enthusiasm and still to this day, so proud of his Dad, that he tells this amazing little life changing story which I captured on video.

Derek Redmond's Dad's 'Sausage Story'
Derek Redmond’s Dad’s ‘Sausage Story’

Watch Derek Redmond’s Dad’s Sausage Story . It’s only 3 minutes but it is brilliant.  Please do post a comment – even if it is only ‘Great Video’ or whatever. Please also share this video. This really helps this sportsmanship campaign. Thanks.


1994 Norwegian Gold Opens Eritrea Window To A New World


1994 Canadian Fulfils His Dying Sister’s Promise – Lillehammer


1995 Man­dela Calms The Rage And Boosts The Strength (3 mins)


1996 Englishman Saves Frenchman And Loses His Dream

1997 Scouser Fowler Protests Opposition’s Innocence


1998 There’s Honour In The Battle USA V Iran World Cup (3 mins)


1999 French Philosopher Offers An English FA Cup Rematch (2 mins)


2001 Italian Di Canio Stops An English Premiership Game (20 seconds)


2004 Tackled & Bruised & Battered, Brazilian Runs On ( 1 min)


2007 God Save Croke Park – Sport Prevails Over Auld Enemy

2008 American Softball Teammates Carry Opponent


2008 He Junquan, The Quintessential Sportsman

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