We have some videos & audios of stories told on radio and video e.g. TEDxTalk, Dublin, and some comments from both celebrities and sports people and sports bodies about this, the Great Sportsmanship Programme whose aim is to inspire a new generation of global citizens via true two minute stories about sportsmanship. 



Anyone For Olympism?  a colourful fast moving 4 minute video introducing Olympism & the Great Sportsmanship Programme

How Sportsmanship Can Save The World 17 minute TEDxTalk filmed in Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

Some Sportsmanship Stories & Programme Goals by PR Smith a 5 minute video

It’s The Real Thing – rugby legend – John Moylon a 1 minute video comment about the Great Moments Of Sportsmanship book


Olympian 400m sprinter, Derek Redman’s Dad’s Sausage Story (2 minutes) – see Derek’s emotional full story & video



Listen to radio interviews with the author, PR Smith.


BBC Radio London Phil Parry Sports Show     Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments 2017 on BBC Radio London


Scroll over the black ‘play’ bar  – on the extreme left hand side – just before the time code. When you see the cursor become a ‘hand’ click it and the interview will play.

BBC Radio London Phil Parry Sports Show                                         Top 10 Sportsmanship Moments 2014 (including the unedited, low volume, pre-amble)      Download Mp3 file   | Or click play below:


BBC Radio London Phil Parry Sports Show
World Cup 2014:  Best Sportsmanship Moments (Part 1/3)
Download Mp3 file | Or click play below:


BBC Radio London Phil Parry Sports Show (Part 2)
World Cup 2014:  Best Sportsmanship Moments (Part 2/3)
Download Mp3 file | Or click play below:


BBC Radio London Phil Parry Sports Show (Part 3)
World Cup 2014:  Best Sportsmanship Moments (Part 3/3)
Download Mp3 file | Or click play below:


RTE Radio 1 Ryan Tubridy Show
Download Mp3 file | Or click play below:


BBC Radio 5 Live Eamonn Holmes Show
Download Mp3 file | Or click play below:


BBC Radio Afternoon Show – John Holmes
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NewsTalk – Eamonn-Keane
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Other Reviews

“Great Moments of Sportmanship’ is a book where super-humans become human, where the values of respect and consideration for fellow athletes rise above the need to win.” CEO Rugby USA and former English rugby captain, Nigel Melville

“This is a book for all those people who love sport. There is a heart warming ending and a true sporting story. These are stories that bring people together. [that we can all understand and want to be apart of even if it is just watching from the sidelines or re-living as we turn the pages in this book and try to save one story for tomorrow so that we can feel good knowing] Sporting heroes are not just the winners but all those that take part and shine through with true sportsmanship.” International athletics champion, Sonia O’Sullivan

“Read this book. It lifts the spirit – not just for sports people but anyone who needs a boost. This is a cracking book. Essential reading – for all. Short 2 minute stories that give you a jolt and a lift. Great short stories of magical sporting moments. Great Sportsmanship is within us all. This book taps into our potential. I love it.” Champion jockey, Richard Dunwoody

As a participant or fan, great sport can transport us from the humdrum of dally life to a place where pretty much the outside world ceases to exist..sometimes.. It goes even further and touches our very soul to a point where the intense competitiveness stops and kindness in human nature shines through like a beacon before the intense competitiveness resumes again and we are left to ponder the significance of what we have just witnessed. Intense competitiveness that also touches our sole is the essence of great sport. This is a wonderful book. Read on.” Ryder Cup golf hero, Paul McGinley

“I would strongly encourage any person, in any sport, at whatever level, in any country to read it too. It is a gem. Inspirational and uplifting true stories that are an absolute joy and pleasure to read. Sport enriches peoples’ lives. This book illustrates this superbly.” Ireland & Lions rugby hero, Ollie Campbell

“The stories in this book capture the true meaning of sport and sportsmanship. Even in the most intense pressure the core values of participating in sport shine through. Read this book, or even better contribute to PR Smith’s library of tales of outstanding sportsmanship”. Paul McDermot, Irish Sports Council.

“It’s fantastic.” Jolene Schweizer, IOC Images Promotion Coordinator Information


“It’s always heartening to hear about good guys and girls in sport. This book proves that they’re still out there and plenty of them. Hugely entertaining & highly recommended.” George Hamilton, RTE Sports

“Capturing the real spirit of sportsmanship. Great photo stories of magical sporting moments.” Tom Galvin, Evening Herald



“Chivalry on a pitch … really lovely stories … very positive stories … well worth going to have a look at …” Ryan Tubridy, RTE Radio 1

“Bringing a tear to me eye” Eamonn Holmes BBC Radio 5 Live



“There is a wealth of stories in this book…heart lifting… It is an easy-to-read, uplifting tome.” Richard Moore, Evening Herald



“Buy this book. It’s brilliant.” Eamonn Keane Newstalk Radio, Ireland

“This book should be the new bible, at least as far as sportsmen and women are concerned. I think before any sportsman or woman does battle, they should have to put their hands on this book and vow – great sportsmanship.” John Holmes BBC Radio Nottingham



“In the modern era of elite sport where the overiding philosophy commonly seems to be one of winning at all costs, it is wonderful to read a book that gets back to the true values of sport and sportmanship – a fantastic read and a must for any true sports fan.” Dr Giles Warrington Head, Sport and Exercise Physiologist, Olympic Council of Ireland.

“It’s very well constructed and is so easy to read.” Willow Murray, Hon Archivist, Irish Rugby Football Union

“This universal book is a ‘must have’ book for kids and adults (who knows who’s the adult and who’s the kid) – the story lines in the book bring adults back to their childhood when they want to be Roy Of The Rovers – they’re transported for a few minutes of their life back to where they wanted to be. It brings kids forward into a beautiful world. This book transcends you to a different world. It makes you think what a book can do for you.” George O’Connor (Wexford) GAA Hurling All Star  1981, 1988



“I highly recommend this book to athletes, coaches, managers and parents – it is thought provoking, inspiring and heart-warming. This book brings something magical back to sport – the Olympic spirit of true sportsmanship. As a tool for prompting attitude change it will be invaluable.” Niamh Fitzpatrick, Sport Psychologist Olympic Council of Ireland

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